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Latest version:
2.98 (10-Jun-16):
Installer: tajpi298inst.exe [708k]
Source code: tajpi298font.zip [225k]
Individual files:
Tajpi.exe, Tajpi.skr
Helpo.chm, Helpo (angla).chm

In the Esperanto alphabet there are six diacritical letters which cannot be typed using standard keyboard layouts. Tajpi is a program that lets you type these letters with ease, without modifying your system in any way. "Tajpi" (pronounced "thai pea") means "to type" in Esperanto.

With Tajpi running on your computer you can:

- Keep using key combos like sx, gh, u^ etc - these will be automatically replaced by the correct Esperanto letter while you type.
- Remap your keyboard so that certain keys show Esperanto letters as soon as you type them.
- If your physical keyboard supports it, use Alt-Gr plus another key to enter Esperanto letters.
- Simulate the "dead key" input method that exists in some keyboard layouts.
- Script hotkeys that can be used to activate various functions, such as converting text to and from X-system or entering special Unicode characters.

Tajpi will make absolutely no changes to your system; it just sits in the background and responds to keyboard input. It is free software, published with its source code under the conditions of the GNU GPL version 3. If you use Tajpi and would like to support its development you can click on the button below. All donations are gratefully received.

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